I think he's always wonderful

Come talk to me I swear I'm nice.
Harry and Louis took over my life. I like smut but only the gay kind. I think that pretty much covers it.
"I have so much respect for Louis."

I’m tired of fucking seeing this.

Him replying to skye was completely uncalled for, he wasn’t even fucking tagged in that tweet. He sought out a tweet about Larry to reply to. 

If he wanted to deny something, he could’ve simply said "Harry and I are not dating. He is my best friend and nothing more.""and all would be good, the end. But no. He had to single out a small portion of the fandom to his 6 million twitter followers, degrading them and saying cruel and unnecessary things about them. 

Because of him, those girls received thousands of hate messages. Because of him, those girls were told to kill themselves. He didn’t need to reply to those people. He caused so much fucking drama, and real damage was done. People have harmed themselves because of it. People have killed themselves because of it. He was being childish and immature in replying to those girls, but the repercussions of it are inexcusable. 

In case you didn’t know, the night before all of this happened, Skye (aka skyleridk aka ‘they’ve never denied larry’ aka ‘larry is a load of bullshit’ girl) nearly died. She cut herself, too deep, and nearly died. I’m not positive, but I think she ended up in the hospital. She almost killed herself. And then, the next morning, she has a thousand people in her mentions telling her to die, to kill herself, to cut herself, telling her she’s worthless. That would be hard for anyone to hear. But the morning after she nearly died from self-harm? People don’t realize that their words can cause real physical damage. 

People have killed themselves today because of the hate.

The hate that was sent by the “true fans”, right?

Louis has done nothing respectable. He promoted hate. He caused his “true fans” to send hate to a bunch of young girls. 

Please explain to me why you have so much respect for him after that.

Because I am at a loss.

What he did was nothing short of sickening.

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